6 Ways Nike’s “Just Do It” Can Improve Your Life

A mantra for a successful, fulfilling, and regretless life.

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

Simple. Straight-forward. Catchy. Although its origin has little to do with how it’s interpreted, we can use it as a mantra for a successful, fulfilling, and regretless life.

One of my biggest fears is to have regrets when I’m old. To realize that I haven’t lived fully. That I didn’t seize — or create — opportunities. That I didn’t achieve what I wanted and could have been. That I missed something.

These 6 interpretations of Nike’s “Just Do It”, if applied, should ensure a minimum of regret in our lives.

#1: Quit the overthinking, and do it

“What ifs” are like rats.

Once there is one (well, two), they reproduce at the speed of light. Exponentially.

Let a doubt overwhelm you, and it finds itself joined by a multitude of others in no time at all. Depending on the situation, the best thing to do is to stop (over)thinking, and just do it.

If you find yourself struggling, here’s a little trick provided by Lindsie Scott:

“Feel yourself justifying not doing something? Interrupt it by saying “5, 4, 3, 2,1” then just DOING it.”

#2: Stop making excuses, and do it

I’ve always wanted to have a fit body. There’s no magic trick:

Fit body = healthy food + work out (+ a metabolism that doesn’t get in the way)

When it comes to food, I’m not too bad. I could only eat fruits and vegetables. But when it comes to working out…

It’s only recently that I’ve solved the problem. Before, as soon as it was time for my session, I came up with as many excuses as there were vegetables in my fridge.

“I’ve had a big day”, “it’s late, the music will disturb my neighbors”, — may I suggest you use headphones? — “my sports bra isn’t dry yet”, “I don’t have enough space”…

Why making excuses when you know what’s good for you? Who are you trying to fool?

#3: Give it a chance, and do it

You never know what it might lead to. And you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Let’s say you want to launch your side hustle. A lot of questions go on and on in your head. Here are your top 3 reasons NOT to start:

  • You’re afraid it won’t lead anywhere and you’ll have wasted your time (wrong: worst-case scenario, you’ll have learned something).
  • You’re afraid you don’t have what it takes (spoiler alert: you’ll learn along the way and you’ll improve. Don’t see the destination yet, see the path).
  • You’re afraid of making a fool of yourself (disclaimer: nobody cares. And those who care about you won’t laugh at you, they’ll support you).

I’ve got a solution for you. In French, we call it “Avoir le beurre, et l’argent du beurre”, which means pretty much the same as “Having the cake and eating it too”, but with butter instead of cake. Choose your team.

I call it the 6-month trial. It’s the long version of the 30-day challenge.

Commit to something for 6 months. Do the best that you can to succeed. You can even build a 6-month roadmap, one of the most effective tools to achieve results.

At the end of the 6-month trial period, if you’re not convinced of the results, you can quit.

But. It depends on the case. Don’t drop your dream life if, by month 6, you’re not there. Things take time.

As a matter of fact, we’re getting there.

#4: Trust the process, and do it

Nothing happens overnight (except porridge).

Take a moment to look back. Just bend over a little, and look in the mirror of your life. I’ll do it at the same time as you.

What I see is Tiny me, halfway lost, halfway full of dreams. Lost because it didn’t know that its dream life could be sustainable. Full of dreams, because it refused to give up on what matters.

Tiny me, without knowing, has climbed the stairs of its dream life. Step by step. When I look back, I see that all the important decisions made by Tiny me are somehow connected to the life it wanted. The life that I’m touching now.

It’s a process. Take one step every day. Just one. It’s not the quantity that counts, it’s the persistence. You will have come a long way before you even realize it.

Do it.

#5: Listen to your inner voice, and do it

Have you ever tried to witness a discussion between your thoughts? In silence, hidden behind the door frame, so that they don’t see you and don’t interrupt their conversation?

Have you ever listened carefully to the emotions felt and shown by your heart?

May I suggest you try? It won’t happen right away. But the more you try, the easier and deeper it will get.

That’s where your inner voice is. It has all the information you need in your life. Listen carefully, and you will get your answers.

If it says, “Do it,” I strongly suggest you do it. We shouldn’t upset it…

#6: Don’t miss the opportunity, and do it

You have one life. Period.

Seize that.

Who knows if you’ll get another chance? Maybe it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Just because you’re a little scared right now, just because you’re unsure, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something.

Well, I’m not suggesting you climb a mountain without a lifeline, just to be clear.

My point is that sometimes life brings you breakfast in bed on a silver platter. Golden, if that’s your color.

That doesn’t happen often, does it? Be a shame to miss it. Who knows, maybe you won’t be here next time to enjoy it.

Hmm, nice pancakes!

It’s fine if you’re starting from scratch. I don’t see how you could start any other way.

Don’t aim for perfection, at least not right away.

It will probably be crap at first. Just like my first drafts. They’re barely legible.

But one step at a time, you will improve. You will optimize. You will learn, you will develop, you will evolve. It’s part of the process.

Hey, guess how I’ll conclude…

Just do it.

Sharing some patiently gathered tips to help people vibrate on the same frequency as reality — auriane.alix.medium@gmail.com

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