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Sharing some patiently gathered tips to help people vibrate on the same frequency as reality —

In less than 1 hour a day.

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I don’t know why I was making such a big deal about it all along. I’m surprised to say this, but writing a book is almost easy.

This has been my dream since I was a kid. I knew I wanted to be an author. My grandmother knew it too. So did my parents. It’s been in me my whole life.

I worked at it, without realizing it, step by step. By reading tons of books. By choosing a literary curriculum in high school. Studying journalism. Becoming an independent writer.

For the last part, it’s been five years. At some…

Most coffee drinkers are making this mistake.

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It happened last February, while I was working as a digital nomad in Mexico. One day, I had the unpleasant sensation that my belly was tighter than usual in my t-shirt. I have a pretty flat stomach, so the difference is quickly felt. I stared at it in the tiny mirror in my Airbnb and thought it was slightly swollen.

I chalked it up to my upcoming period, the meal I had just eaten, or lack of exercise. I tried not to make a big deal about it. But the feeling persisted.

I wasn’t eating that much. And my period…

How your constant inner chatter is ruining your life.

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Have you ever noticed that you are unable to stop thinking? This is what makes it hard to fall asleep at night, what makes you create problems where there are none, what makes you think too much about everything, what makes you feel disconnected from the present moment… In a word, that’s what makes you miss out on your life.

Pause for a moment. Yes, right now. I’ll wait here.

Look up from your screen, and just sit there, doing nothing. Focus on your breath. Don’t try to control it, just observe it. How long can you keep doing this…

You only need one hour a day

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A grand total of $4,222. +$150 every day. Every morning when I checked my earnings, I was amazed. All because of one article. One article that I wrote without even thinking that it would be the one that would work out first.

I now earn a living from my writing. I’m among the top 1,000 writers on Medium. I write every day about whatever I want.

I didn’t have to do anything else but show up every day. …

Those have been crucial in my own journey.

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Okay, let me read your mind. You want to have a body you’re proud of, toned, lean, a body you’ll want to show off on the beach, but you love to eat. Congratulations, you are a 21st-century human being.

I used to be stuck. Stuck counting calories, overthinking everything that came through my mouth, feeling guilty at least once a day, and only being at peace when I had a “good food day”. …

#112: When the waiter forgets something on your restaurant bill.

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Life is good, and often for very special, tiny, specific reasons. Here are mine.

  1. The feeling of well-being after sport
  2. The soft lips of the person you love against yours
  3. The smell of pizza
  4. The feeling of drinking water when you’re really thirsty
  5. Taking off your shoes to put your feet in the sea
  6. Reading a book so good that you come out of a trance two hours later
  7. Laughing alone in public because you just thought of something funny, and having to bite your lips to keep from looking crazy
  8. Coming home and being filled with a sense of…

Problems and attempted solutions to make a promising model work for you

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You’ll feel like the walls of your apartment are squeezing the juice out of your soul. You’ll feel like you’re no longer part of the “real” world and have no idea how to reconnect with it. You’ll try every place you can fit your butt and your laptop in your house before realizing that desks were invented for a reason. You’ll feel like you’re not “really working” when really you are. You’ll have a hard time finding a rhythm since everything is now up to you. You’ll feel like you’re hungry all the time when you’re not. …

That was extremely powerful.

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“Do you have anything planned between June 24 and 28?” my girlfriend asked me a month ago. I said no. She smiled, and told me, “Okay, I’m taking you somewhere, then!”

It was the first time someone other than my mother had organized something for me. She booked the apartment, the train tickets, and figured out where she wanted us to go to visit, eat, and drink. I didn’t have anything to do and enjoyed that greatly.

I was so happy that I decided to make the most of those four days. Two weeks before, I sent an email to…

Selected among 100+ readings.

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My reading list currently has over 60 entries. Which means two things. First, I’m a pretty organized reader. Second, the books I start reading better be good, or I’ll drop them and move on to the next one. I have no time to waste.

Reading has played a large part in creating the person I am today. I read both fiction and non-fiction, and I’m a pretty picky reader. …

Auriane Alix

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