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Sharing some patiently gathered tips to help people vibrate on the same frequency as reality —

Look for the bridge.

Maybe it’s raining. Maybe something is bothering you. Or maybe there’s no tangible reason. Either way, you wake up one morning, and your spirits are low.

It’s like everything around you is wearing pale colors, and nothing makes sense. Sometimes this lasts an hour. Sometimes two. Sometimes two days, two weeks or two months.

It happens to everyone. And it’s okay. You may not realize it right away, but these states of mind are even healthy and helpful. Just think of them as… bridges.

“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” — Roger Ebert

In Beijing, I found myself unable to cross the road.

Travel. Digital nomads. Mindful traveling

I’ll be home in three days.

I didn’t listen to anyone. I was afraid it would make me change my mind, even though deep down I knew I had to do it. Otherwise, it would continue to go round and round in my head. I had to make my own experience. I wanted to become a digital nomad, pack a week’s worth of clothes, my daily life and my work in a carry-on suitcase, and exile myself overseas for a while.

If you too feel that you need to do this to be at peace with yourself, go for it. Don’t even hesitate. The four drawbacks…

No, it’s not because of work.

“So, how’s it going? What are your plans for today?”

My friends know how important this trip was to me. They want me to send them pictures, describe the atmosphere of each place, know what I visited, what activities I did, what incredible adventures I had… I enjoy sharing hints of my far-flung daily life with them.

But every time someone asks me about my plans for the day, I can’t help but feel slightly irritated.

Because I hate this common idea that because I’m overseas, every day should be “productive” and filled with sightseeing and activities. That I should…

I’m not sure I want to be a digital nomad anymore.

Okay, it’s time to face reality. I thought that perhaps this would just be a phase. Turns out it wasn’t.

This morning when I woke up, this was the very first thought I had. The very first emotion I felt. I hate myself for writing this, but after three months of having the life I dreamed of, I want to go home.

I wanted to be a digital nomad. I was. Lisbon, Playa del Carmen in Mexico, Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica… I’ve had some wonderful adventures, but I think I’ve reached the end of my experience.

I’m discovering what…

No one wants you to be perfect.

A few days ago, the simple act of walking proved once again how powerful it is. I had been feeling down for a few days. This day was worse than the previous ones. I interrupted my attempts at work, grabbed my keys, and went out for a short walk on the beach. Headphones on, I put one foot after the other, not trying to think about anything. That’s when the truth hit me in the face.

I realized that I had fallen into the trap of self-development. I understood why I had been struggling to feel present for the past…

Clear mind = lucid thinking = better decision making.

One minute it’s yes, the next minute it’s no. Everything is heavy, bogged down, tangled up in your mind. You are unable to line up three consecutive thoughts and therefore unable to make a decision.

When you find the trick to making your mind clear on demand, life flows more easily.

My mind used to be a mess. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted and, as a result, constantly finding myself in complicated situations. I was unable to align my thoughts, emotions, desires, and actions.

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been working on this problem, and I’ve resolved…

A third parameter actually came into play for me.

The word “diet” is not part of my vocabulary. Dieting is about applying temporary rules to the way you eat. Therefore, the weight comes back as soon as you go back to your old habits. To me, this is exactly the definition of “useless” in addition to creating frustration and an unhealthy relationship with food — our fuel.

Yet, it’s understandable to want to become more fit. It’s not about visible abs or perfect bodies, it’s about feeling good about your body and keeping it at peak performance. That’s what being fit means to me.

The eternal question is: how…

Stop relying on luck and start relying on yourself

I write blog posts, for three to four hours a day, on whatever topics I want, and that’s what fills my bank account. I use that money to rent Airbnb’s in dreamy tropical destinations, and it’s also what pays for my fancy dinners out.

It amuses me greatly to see the mouths of my interlocutors round in surprise when I explain this to them. They don’t quite understand how I can make a living this way. Writing is not a profession, is it?

It is. Once you take the matter into your own hands, put a little thought into it…

The surprising effects of ditching the alarm clock.

This morning, as I was peacefully going through my morning routine between my daily ocean swim and healthy, filling breakfast, I heard my neighbor’s alarm clock going on and off.

I thought it was an awful noise.

I have been waking up naturally for over a month now. This is the first time in my life that I don’t interrupt my sleep every day. That I let my body rest the time it needs. And let me tell you something: it’s an incredibly good feeling, and the side effects are just as amazing.

At some point, I realized that it no longer made sense

I am my own boss. My working…

5 tasty, healthy alternatives for enjoying social gatherings.

Alcohol takes away my clarity of mind. Which is precisely what I’ve been working on lately. That’s why even though I love beer and chilled Spritzes, not a drop of alcohol passes my lips anymore. It just wouldn’t make sense.

Except I found myself in a dilemma: I deeply enjoyed having apéro with my family or friends. The joy of sharing a moment of conviviality was just not the same if I was drinking… water. I had to find a substitute.

Alcohol is not an obligation, even if everyone around you is drinking it. Just because you don’t drink anymore…

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