One Thing That Instantly Kills Jealousy in a Relationship

One of the #1 relationship tips

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It even happened to people who were pretending not being jealous at all. Whether it was in a family situation, in a friendly relationship or, worst, romantically. Everyone has, once, experienced at least a little hint of jealousy.

Scientifically, what is jealousy?

Science describes jealousy in the following terms:

“A negative emotion that arises when an important relationship seems threatened by the presence of a rival.”

David Buss, a researcher from the University of Austin, Texas, found out that a set of brain circuits controls our emotional reactions towards threats in the context of a sexual relationship. This same set of brain circuits would be responsible for men’s jealousy in case of sexual infidelity from their partner, whereas women would be first jealous in case of affective infidelity.

Jealousy has significant impacts on our relationships. According to another study, it can lead to both the loss of relationship benefits and low self-esteem.

#1 tip to instantly kill jealousy

Over time, I’ve felt jealousy several times. I’ve never been a very jealous person, but still, I’ve experienced it. Now, it’s over. I don’t feel the tiniest hint of jealousy, and it’s truly empowering. This is due to something that I once realized which instantly nipped jealousy in the bud:

Whatever you do, no matter how jealous you feel, if your partner wants to cheat on you, she/he will. You have no control over it.

The only thing you have control over is being the best person you can in the relationship. However, if your partner wants to do something, it’s not in your control anymore. So free your mind.

It’s a very good test for your relationship. If your partner cheats on you, she/he’s the one guilty. It would mean that he/she didn’t esteem your relationship enough, didn’t realize your worth, so move on. Protect yourself from negative people and behaviors, and don’t settle with someone who isn’t worth your value. You deserve better.

In a nutshell:

  • Be your best self, so you don’t have anything to regret
  • Observe your partner’s behavior
  • Act accordingly

Don’t forget: you are a whole, and you are worth attention and esteem.

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