The One and Only Meaning of Life

Have you ever wondered why you are here?

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Have you ever wondered why you were born, one day, and what you should do with the amount of time you were given before everything disappears into death? Me too.

I have always been someone who thinks too much. After a few years of being unable to fall asleep at night, I even had to learn how to make the flow of my thought stop (and it works quite well!).

I know that many people out there are feeling the same way, even you, aren’t you? I think the main reason for this is that life makes no sense. Humans are born one day, made from an incredibly complex process, and from this day they are told that they need to go to school, then find a job, spend their whole days doing this very same work. At one point, society decides to give them back their time, and call it“retirement”, meaning that they “retire” from life waiting for the day they die. I just can’t think about my life this way.

One day, a few years ago, one particular thought suddenly hit me: us, humans, are constantly trying to rationalize and explain everything, whereas we live in a universe that is everything but rational.

Think about the vastness of the Universe, told to be “infinite”. Even the idea of “infinity” is totally mind-blowing. How could something be infinite, if not in a constant expansion? And what is constant expansion? How could it happen?

In this very same Universe, here we are, a small blue ball infested with thousands and thousands of humans, each one of them thinking he is the center of the Universe. But how many other civilizations are living out there, in this vast infinity?

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

This totally makes no sense. This might make you feel lost at first sight, but it opens many other doors. Here are they (and the keys that come along):

Door 1 :

If everything is nonsense, then everything is possible.
(yeah, that’s what they call “sky is the limit”)

Door 2 :

Life is a vast joke, while everyone is convinced that it’s serious. Think about all the things that were created to fill our days. Even work in its mere principle. Besides the structure it brings to our society, it’s just a way to prevent us from thinking too much. We know that we have something to do, 5 days a week. No questions. No doubts. Just do it.
Life is a vast joke, so don’t take anything too seriously, and don’t let small things take too much size. One simple question to ask yourself, when in front of a tough situation: will it still matter 1 year from now?

Door 3 :

Life has no meaning. So create your own.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Free yourself from all the preconceived and politically correct ideas. Life has no universal meaning, nor goal. The only meaning, and the only goal, is the one you craft from your own deep self.

Ask yourself one question: what do I want?
Then work toward it. This is the goal. This is the meaning.

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