Why You Need to Let Your Mind Shout and Cry

That’s the thing about writing. Letting your mind flow and express itself

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Writing is therapy. This has been said a thousand times, but it nevertheless remains true. When you feel overwhelmed, sad, angry, unhappy, upset, or whatever, sitting at a table and writing can truly free your mind and make you feel better.

The reason behind is that your mind keeps dwelling on the thing that makes you feel bad. Your brain can’t stop turning the problem around and around. When you write it down, it’s as if you were collecting the feeling, the problem, and putting it down on the paper. Now that it’s securely consigned, your mind magically stops worrying about it, because you know that it is here and you can leave the room then come back to it: it won’t have moved.

That’s the same thing about carrying a heavy bag. You don’t want to abandon it somewhere, but it feels good when you can finally put it down in a secure place, knowing you can later come back to it. Here are some lockers so you can store your thoughts.

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But please, don’t set yourself unnecessary barriers. No, you don’t need to be Shakespeare to write down your thoughts. Yes, it is okay not to be good at spelling. No, it doesn’t need to be well structured, even structured at all if you want my opinion. And feel free to pick your laptop over paper if you feel more comfortable this way.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on” Louis L’Amour

It is just about opening the door to your mind, and letting it flow down onto the paper. Freeing it. Letting it cry or shout. Letting it flow like a watercourse, without thinking about what people will think, or even what your own self will think. If you are afraid to read it — even if you might make some interesting discoveries along the way — it’s okay. Write. Put back your pen. And burn the sheet of paper, or put the file in the trash bin. And you’re done.

Those bad feelings are now out of your mind. You are free from it. Keep going with your day.

I’m serious. Give it a try. I’ll wait.

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Another point in writing is its power to create meaning. Everything might happen for a reason — change, growth, whatever — but to understand this, you have to find the meaning of the situation. Writing allows you to create structure, and to reflect on what happens without running in loops, dwelling without coming with a progress. With structure comes meaning.

Let your mind shout and cry. That’s the best way to console it.
Trust me. You will feel relieved.

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