Why You Need To Stop Chasing Goals

There is no make it. It’s all about the process. The path.

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Having goals is great. It is a way to concentrate your efforts, your work, toward something in particular. It is also a way to wake up every morning with energy and willpower.

But the goal should be a tiny part of the whole thing.

Here is the secret: you need to fall in love with the path.

There is no “make it”

It’s all about the process.

Chasing a goal is avoiding the present moment. It’s focusing all your attention toward something located in the future, telling yourself things such as “I will be truly happy when I will have achieved this or that”.

Life happens now.

You can’t throw away several months or even years of your life, chasing something, without being happy in the process. You need to enjoy the path to stick to it and enjoy every moment and stage of your life.

Once you will have achieved this goal, you will be happy for a few hours, maybe a few days, and then you will start focusing on another one. The process is endless. You will end up living beside your life, jumping from goal to goal, until the end.

Learn to enjoy the process

I have always wanted to be a writer. Since the day I wrote my first words, I have always crafted stories, raising the attention of my teachers and parents. However, being a writer requires tons of work. And there is no guarantee of success.

If I focus on my goal, which is being able to make a living from it, I will be unhappy for years and years, maybe for my whole life, waiting for my goal to be achieved before reaching happiness.

But the thing is, I love the process.

I love waking up each day, brewing my cup of coffee before sitting in front of my laptop, opening a blank Medium page. Getting in connection with my mind and gradually filling it with words.

It truly makes me happy.

Then, the goal fades away behind the process. I am not saying I wouldn’t be happy if, one day, I ended up living from my passion. I am just saying that, whether it happens or not, I will have lived in the now, enjoying my current situation as much as I enjoy the process, and what it has to offer: progress in my writing, nice encounters with people from all around the world, creativity, a morning routine which makes me happy, etc.

If you want to be truly happy, you need to find happiness in the now.
Not in tomorrow.
In today.

Sharing some patiently gathered tips to help people vibrate on the same frequency as reality — auriane.alix.medium@gmail.com

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